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"The course for me was worth every penny. In these 3 short months the improvements I have seen are astounding''


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Hi, I'm Alice!

I stumbled across hypopressives after I had a prolapse when I was 34 and it was completely life changing. My professional background is in gynaecology and sexual health nursing. I now work supporting my clients and Create Lift Coaches.

Hi, I'm Emily!

I work as a Create Lift Coach and as a Midwife in the NHS. Absolutely love teaching this brilliant programme to the women I work with. I'm based in Norfolk, UK.

I've completed extensive training in hypopressives as well as Biomechanics for birth, Hypnobirthing and Imagery.

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Hi, I'm Jana!

Hypopressives have been life changing for me after having children. I love to teach and support other women. I'm based in Northern Ireland, Craigavon.

I completed extensive hypopressives training after studying Pre and Postnatal exercise and nutrition and working within a GP Exercise Referral Scheme.

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Hi, I'm Annika!

I was personally helped by Alice's Create Lift Programme after I struggled with a prolapse following the birth of my second baby.

I'm now helping other women as a Create Lift Programme Coach and through completing my degree in physiotherapy and specialising in women's health.

I'm based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

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