Can Hypopressives lift prolapse?

If you're struggling to see improvements with normal pelvic floor exercise (PFEs) or Kegels, Hypopressives can help. They are a safe and effective alternative to surgery, and with the help of an experienced coach, the results are often life changing.

So, how do Hypopressives create this lift?

1) They help release fascia and areas of tightness in your pelvic floor.

This can help correct the position of the prolapse, and even help reduce the grade of the prolapse.

Many women describe a feeing of release, lightness and lifting after a Hypopressives session

2) Hypopressives creates a physical lift of the pelvic organs.

There is a ligament like structure called the median umbilical ligament that attaches from the apex of the bladder to the back of the abdominal wall behind your belly button. The bladder physically moves up and into a better position each time you do the a Hypopressives vacuum breath. This also encourages the uterus into a better position..

You can see this physical lift (ultrasound picture below) in this fascinating research by Latorre et al (2011). The top image shows the pelvic organs at rest. The image below shows the lift with the vacuum breath. The researchers found the angle between the uterus and the vagina increased from 31-45 degrees, as the pelvic organs lifted.

Women frequently report a reduction of feelings of bulging into their vagina, and as the prolapse moves up, the discomfort reduces, and the grade can reduce too

3) Hypopressives increases the natural synergistic lift through your pelvic floor.

The synergistic connection between the pelvic floor and the diaphragm is really important - if this is working well, every time you breathe in your pelvic floor relaxes, and every time you breath out, your pelvic floor lifts as the diaphragm moves back up.

The breath and alignment work is key to getting great results.

Hypopressives are also really enjoyable - meaning that you can so something you enjoy which will improve your prolapse and pelvic health.

Feelings of lift are hugely beneficial as you work towards improving your symptoms with Hypopressives

The best things is, you don't have to wait ages to start seeing results - most women I work with start seeing improvements within 4 weeks.

If you're interested in finding out more - book a call today - I'd love to hear from you!


Latorre, G., Seleme, M., Resende, A., Stupp, L., Berghmens, B. (2011). Hypopressive gymnastics: Evidence for an alternative training for women with local proprioceptive deficit of the pelvic floor muscles. Fisioterapia Brasil. Vol 12 (6), p 468-471.

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