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Recovery from long term prolapse symptoms

Before I'd already had gynae surgery and seen a women's health physio, but I was concerned I needed more surgery for my symptoms, as exercise and life was becoming increasingly restricted. 

After During the programme (10 - 20 mins a day), the dragging sensation in my vagina stopped, and I now consider my symptoms as being between mild to normal. I also reduced my waist by 6cm which was complete surprise, and I've managed 9 holes of golf!

Jayne, 11 weeks of Hypopressives


Prolapse Repair Surgery 4 years ago)

Reversal of stress and urge incontinence post menopause

Before I haven't had children but after the menopause, I was experiencing both stress and urge incontinence which was embarrassing and frustrating. 

After 4 weeks into the programme (10 mins daily practise), I experienced a significant improvement in my symptoms - and after 6 weeks they had gone altogether. Now, I can not only hold on, but my body seems to have rediscovered what it used to do automatically.



Recovery from a bladder prolapse

Before After 3 years of problems, I was diagnosed with a bladder prolapse and weak pelvic floor by a women's health physio. I have to say, I was devastated. She said it was unlikely to ever go away, though we could work to stop it getting worse and I should avoid high impact exercise indefinitely. I did 2 years of intensive PFEs, but I wasn't noticing any improvements in my symptoms which was frustrating. I also tried an internal probe for 3 months, 30 mins a day, which didn't help.

After Learning Hypopressives has been life changing. After about 6 weeks of practising for 10 mins a day, the prolapse was completely in. I work 12.5 hour shifts - no heaviness, pain or swelling now and I can run to an emergency with a full bladder. I sneeze, laugh, cough and bounce on the trampoline - no liners needed! And I can use tampons again. My stomach is flatter, back ache gone and my posture is like it used to be. I happily give up 10 mins a day to feel this way - it's given me my life back.


Improvement in long term incontinence

Before Having had incontinence for over 24 years and several rounds of treatments with NHS physiotherapists, I found Hypopressives and Alice.

After Not only have my bladder issue improved, but my posture and my waistline have also improved. It has also helped with my long standing back ache; and my core is much stronger than it was. 


Recovery from prolapse symptoms post babies

Before I had a constant heavy feeling in my lower abdomen and needed to pee a lot. I wanted to get on top of things before they got worse. 

After 10 minutes a day has given me the results that I've been trying to achieve for years with traditional pelvic floor and core exercises (including HIT). After 8 weeks the heavy feeling had completely disappeared, and I don't need to visit the toilet anywhere near as frequently. My core strength has dramatically improved, my lower back pain has significantly reduced, I no longer stand like I'm pregnant and I am able to exercise without fear of any little accidents. I cannot recommend this technique enough. 


Recovery from pelvic floor symptoms after first baby

Before My son was 8 months old and although my symptoms weren't severe, I was experiencing heaviness, and exercise (something which had been a big part of my life) now felt very uncomfortable to do. I'd been doing pelvic floor exercises on and off over that time without seeing much improvement and had got to the point where I thought this was how it would feel from now on. 

After The biggest impact for me was that after just 6 weeks, I was able to start running again with hugely reduced discomfort. Since that point, it has only improved further. This was with just 10 minutes of practise a day. I would absolutely recommend Hypopressives to anyone who has got to the point of thinking - well this must be how it's meant to feel from now on. Don't just put up with it!


Reversal of grade 1 - 2 prolapse


Before I'd had problems for years and was devastated when my doctor told me I had a prolapse. I decided to start Hypopressives while I waited for my Urogynae appointment, saw a women's health physio.

After I returned to the physio after 6 weeks of Hypopressives (10 mins twice a day) - she was amazed and said the prolapse was "barely there" on examination. Sex is great now - orgasms are more intense and last longer. My tummy gap also closed which was an added bonus, and my posture is so much better. My improvements were also confirmed at the hospital appointment which was amazing!

To develop yoga practise & increase core strength

Before am mid-30's and haven't had children but I decided to try Hypopressives to help strengthen my core, which I suspected was weak due to a frequently distended stomach, which has made me feel fatter that I actually was and really affected my confidence.

After I have been so impressed by the effectiveness of this breathing technique: within the first few weeks my abdomen was flatter that I have had it for years. Additionally my digestion has been so much better. I feel as if my whole abdomen and pelvic region has reconnected and just gets stronger and stronger. I am gaining far more benefit from the yoga - able to move through postures with greater ease and achieve ones that I have been trying to get for ages.


Reversal of leaking problems when exercising

Before I'm a long distance runner, and after my first child always wore a pad when running. I always struggled with normal pelvic floor exercises and didn't keep them up. 

After I found the exercises really easy to pick up and saw an improvement in the first week, much to my surprise. During the programme, the incontinence I was experiencing stopped and I lost 4.5cm around my waist. A huge bonus has been that practising Hypopressives has made running up hills so much easier. 


Significantly improved back problems


Before I'm retired and my lower back has given me real issues for over 20 years, occasionally seizing up and leaving me in a lot of pain for a few days or more, while I hobble around, unable to really straighten up. I then had an accident and badly damaged 2 vertebra in my upper back nearly 2 years ago. One of the results of the accident was poor posture. 

After I have been doing the exercises regularly for over two months now, my posture has improved significantly, and developing my deep core strength has amazingly reduced the pain I was experiencing in my lower back. Nearly always, after getting into bed, after 10 minutes or so, the sciatica pain would start down my left leg and stop me from going to sleep. Cycling was one of the main triggers for the pain. I am doing as much cycling now as before, possibly more, and have almost no pain at night which is wonderful, and it never keeps me awake as it used to! 

Recovery from a moderate prolapse

Before I'd seen both private and NHS physio for years for my moderate prolapse, but still felt uncomfortable most of the time despite pelvic floor exercises.

After Just 2 weeks into the programme, I started to notice an improvement in my core strength and symptoms. I now only get symptoms sometimes (or occasionally) and have been able to go back to step classes without any discomfort or uncomfortable pressure, something I was told I'd never be able to do. My tummy gap has also reduced from 2 cm to 1 cm. 


(Mum of 2 little ones)

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