What are Hypopressives?

How do Hypopressives work?

The pelvic floor and diaphragm are designed to work together - during normal breathing. If breathing is optimal, the pelvic floor rises a little and contracts each time you breathe out. So part of Hypopressives is resetting function.

During the programme, we'll be harnessing this natural connection,  stimulating a strong, subconscious contraction of the pelvic floor and deep core muscles when you breath out and hold your breath. During these breathing exercises, the pelvic floor and core are contracted inwards and upward - which becomes more visible as a temporary tummy hollowing. 

There are different positions to learn which bring the pelvic floor and diaphragm through a full range of movement, and work and strengthen your whole body in a dynamic and efficient way.

Who uses them?

Originally from Belgium, they have been used within women's physiotherapy for decades and within postnatal recovery programmes in France and Belgium. In France, women get 10 physiotherapy sessions after birth. Hypopressives are often incorporated into this core and pelvic floor rehabilitation programme, especially in Paris and other larger cities.

They are used by men and women around the world to help improve symptoms and avoid surgery.

They are also used in the fitness world as an efficient and safe core strengthening technique.

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